Gtech SW02, SW11, SW20 and SW21 Battery (NiMH)



A replacement NiMH Gtech sweeper battery.

Powered by a 7.2V NiMH (nickel metal-hydride) battery, your electric sweeper provides powerful cleaning performance around the home – an hour from a full-charge. However, after many hard hours of picking of dust, dirt and debris from your home’s floors, the run time on your sweeper can decrease.

With this new Gtech battery you can ensure that your unit performs at its very best – sweeping your home effectively and efficiently.

NiMH Gtech Battery

Before buying a replacement Gtech battery, it’s important to ensure that it’s the right version. We provide two different types of battery – the NiMH and the NiCd (nickel cadmium) batteries.

You can find out which type of battery your sweeper requires in one of two ways. Firstly, you can check the shape of the charger socket. If it’s rectangular, the NiMH battery is the variety you need. Alternatively you can read the grey rating label on the bottom side of your product. If the label doesn’t feature any text beneath its WEEE ‘dispose of responsibly’ logo, you’ll need to order the NiMH battery.

Find out more by reading our battery replacement guide here, or contact our customer support team on: 01905 345 891.


As well as being compatible with the our best-selling SW02 model, this replacement sweeper battery can be used with the SW11, SW20, and SW21 sweepers.

Gtech SW02, SW11, SW20 and SW21 Battery (NiMH). Gtech SW02 Replacement Battery for the SW02 Cordless Floor Sweeper. Buy Online, Immediate Despatch.

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