• AirRam 1

    Lose the cord. Not the performance.

    “The cord that gets snagged and holds you back. Gone. The heavy weight that makes it so hard to lift and carry. Halved*. The dust cloud when you empty the cylinder. History.”

    “We’ve designed the AirRam to take everything you hate about vacuuming and make it disappear.”
    Nick Grey – Inventor, Owner of Gtech.

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  • AirRam 2

    "Is this the best vacuum cleaner ever?"

    The AirRam provides exceptional cleaning performance. AirRam not only outperforms a number of cordless products with ease, but matches the performance of mains powered upright vacuums.*

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Cordless vacuum cleaning

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Gtech AirRam - High performance cordless vacuum cleaner

The Gtech AirRam allows you to lose the cord, but keep the performance of mains powered upright vacuums.* Change the way you clean your home forever – faster, easier and more convenient.

High performance

AirRam is specially designed for floor cleaning, with proven performance on both carpet and hard-floors. Its highly efficient design means you enjoy the cleaning performance of mains upright vacuums, without the cord.*

AirRam’s edge cleaning technology helps you get into those awkward corners.

Powerful rotating brush bars also make it ideal for pet hair. AirRam not only picks up surface hair, but also does a great job of lifting troublesome embedded hair from your carpet.

Moves easily

AirRam’s revolutionary, lightweight design allows you to glide around your home, steering easily from left to right. Move effortlessly from carpet to hard-floors and back again, with no settings to change.

AirRam has an ultra-low profile, allowing you to reach under chairs and tables.

AirRam’s cordless technology means no more fighting with snagged cords or plug sockets.


Thanks to its revolutionary design, which does away with so many bulky parts, AirRam weighs just 3.5kg. That’s half the weight of many mains powered upright vacuums, making AirRam easy to lift and carry up stairs.

Long run-time

AirRam’s power comes from a professional-grade 22V Lithium-ion battery.

Its energy efficient design means you can clean your home twice on one 4-hour charge,∆ running for up to 40 minutes; a 1-hour short charge will deliver a burst of additional run time.‡

A 4-stage LED display indicates how much charge is left in the battery.

Cleaner emptying

Traditional vacuum cleaners suck the dirt either into a bag (which you have to replace) or into a cylinder (which create a messy dust cloud when emptying). AirRam’s technology compresses the dirt into bales that you just drop into the bin.

AirRam is fitted with lifetime washable filters, meaning that you don’t need to purchase replacements.

2-year guarantee

If anything goes wrong with your AirRam over the next two years, as a result of faulty manufacturing, we will fix it or replace it. †

  • Gtech AirRam – High performance cordless vacuum cleaner
  • Run-time‡ 40 minutes
  • Power 22V
  • Weight 3.5kg
  • All floor types Yes
  • Pet hair Yes
  • Ultra-low profile Yes
  • 28 degree steering Yes
  • Life time washable filters Yes
  • 4-stage LED charge indictors Yes
  • Battery type Lithium-ion
  • Charging time 4 hours

Gtech AirRam. The Gtech AirRam vacuum cleaner heralds a revolution in floor cleaning – a new design of upright vacuum cleaners with outstanding cleaning performance.

  • Price: £199.00

OPTION 1: AirRam for £199

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* Performance comparisons based on independent test to IEC 60312-1 ed 1.1 sec 5.1 and 5.3 when compared to mains powered upright vacuums (Source: GFK, UK Top 20, 2013).
∆ Based on average UK home size.
† Limited 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.
‡ Runtimes quoted may vary depending on floor surfaces cleaned.
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